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5 Energy Saving Thermostat Tip

At Spartan, we are all about helping our customers especially when it comes to getting the most from their air conditioning unit. We have created a list of some useful tips you can use this year with your thermostat to make sure you get the most for your money, no matter if it’s for your home or business. Following these 5 Energy Saving Thermostat Tips will really help you save money this year!

  1. Set Your Thermostat as High As Comfortable – Setting your AC thermostat temperature to the highest tolerable degree will end up saving you lots of money over the whole summer.
  2. Turn up Temperature While Not Home – While you are not home you should always turn your thermostat up a couple degrees to save you energy while you’re not at home.
  3. Read Your Manual – Read the manual that came with your thermostat and make sure that you are running your AC at the optimal settings. If you cannot find the manual you can check online by searching make and model number along with PDF.
  4. Check Energy Star’s Guidelines – If you cannot find your optimal setting for your thermostat in your manual you can check online at Energy Star’s Guidelines for programmable thermostats guide.
  5. Avoid Setting Thermostat at Colder Settings Than Normal – When your turn your AC on don’t just turn it down to a very low temperature. It’s better to let the AC slowly get to the temperature then making it struggle to reach that temperature right away. If you still don’t think you’re getting the correct settings from your AC Thermostat call a licensed professional like Spartan and let us help you!

Follow these simple tips to help you save money, but remember if you have any problems with your unit contact a licensed professional like Spartan today! If you would like to learn more about cooling your home or need help with plumbing, heating or cooling contact Spartan today. At Spartan we can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling problem you may have for your home or business. Contact us today and see why Caesars Palace, and many other institutions choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for their work! Don’t melt this summer contact Spartan now!




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