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4 AC Tips From Professionals

At Spartan Plumbing, we are all about helping our customers especially when it comes to getting the most from their air conditioning unit. That is why we have created this list to help inform our customers and followers about 4 tips they can use to save money with their AC units no matter if it’s for their home or business. Follow these 4 tips this year to help save you money, but make sure if you have any real problems to call a licensed professional like Spartan to handle it!

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat – One of the best ways to save money is to install a smart thermostat which makes your HVAC unit much more efficient than before. If you have a very old unit this could be very beneficial to you and end up saving you tons of money in the long run. Talk with a trusted AC or HVAC company like Spartan to find out about installing a smart thermostat for your home or business today!
  2. Change Air Filter Regularly – This is something that a lot of people forget to do regularly that can really affect the performance of your AC unit. Make sure that you regularly check your AC filter at least every two weeks to see how dirty it is. If the filter is dirty it will greatly reduce your homes airflow and its ability to cool itself. So be proactive and check your AC filters and replace them whenever they are dirty.
  3. Air Flow is Key – People often don’t think about how airflow in their home works which might leave them wasting money cooling parts of their home they don’t want to. Closing all the doors in the home reduces airflow while having them open increases airflow. If you have any questions about improving your airflow contact a licensed professional like Spartan today!
  4. Call The Professionals – If you are having problems with your AC unit no matter the problem you can always call Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. AC units can be dangerous to work on and should be treated with caution, not to mention the huge amount of money they are worth. That is why it’s generally a good idea to call a professional to help you with your AC unit rather than do it yourself.

Follow these simple tips to help you save money, but remember if you have any problems with your unit contact a licensed professional like Spartan today! If you would like to learn more about cooling your home or need help with plumbing, heating or cooling contact Spartan today. At Spartan we can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling problem you may have for your home or business. Contact us today and see why Caesars Palace, and many other institutions choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for their work! Don’t melt this summer contact Spartan now!




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