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10 Tips to Help Save Energy With Your AC

Here at Spartan Plumbing we understand that using your air conditioner can be expensive especially in the Arizona summers. Follow these 10 tips to save some money on your energy bill this summer while using your AC.

  1. Lower AC at Night – At night it is always cooler than during day so make sure that you turn your air conditioner down once its night, so that it’s not running as much as it would have.
  2. Use Portable Units- If you don’t want to have to cool the entire home every time you turn on your AC using portable AC units will help you save money. Using these units in a single room that’s hot is better than paying for the entire home to be cooled, and will save you money on your energy bill.
  3. Close unwanted vents – There are always some rooms within the home that don’t require the same airflow, or cooling as others. It can be beneficial to close these vents so that areas that you do want cooled have better air flow.
  4. Make sure your unit is properly serviced – Contact a licensed Heating and Cooling specialist like Spartan. Some maintenance on your AC unit could end up saving you tons of money on your energy bill each month.
  5. Look in your ducts – Make sure you check your air ducts for obstructions or dirt, or anything else that could hinder your air flow. Here at Spartan we can also examine your ducks for you and let u know what’s the best course of action to take when cooling your home.
  6. Move objects blocking air ducts- Make sure you don’t have anything obstructing your air vents this will make it much harder for your AC to cool your home, which in turn will cost you more.
  7. Leave it at 78 degrees – 78 degrees is a good medium point for AC units, and most run at optimal energy performance at this temperature setting. It’s almost like a cruise control for cars think about how much gas you save using cruise control compared to driving normally.
  8. Turn to 85 when gone – Setting your AC to 85 degrees when you’re gone can save you lots of money on your energy bill. It’s also important to close blinds, and drapes this make sure that heat is not let in through the windows while you’re gone.
  9. Turn off lights – Having on more lights than you need can also contribute to an increased energy bill. One tip is turn off lights that are not needed this will make it easier on your AC to cool, and also loose less energy for lights.
  10. Fans are great- AC are great but using some fans in conjunction with a good fan can be perfect for staying cool and saving energy.

If you would like to learn more about cooling your home or need help with plumbing , heating or cooling contact Spartan today. At Spartan we can handle any plumbing, heating or cooling problem you may have for your home or business. Contact us today and see why Caesars Palace, and many other commercial businesses choose Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for ac repair work! Don’t melt this summer contact Spartan now!


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