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10 Plumbing Secrets That Can Help Your Home Plumbing

Here at Spartan we are all about trying to make our customers life’s easier by informing them of new deals and information about their plumbing, heating, & cooling units. In the article this week we address 10 Plumbing Secrets anyone can use to better increase the longevity and their knowledge of plumbing. If you would like to learn 10 Plumbing Secrets and Tips keep reading!

  1. Monday Is a Plumbers Busiest day – This is the most common day people call with problems from the weekend.
  2. A Burst Washing Machine Hose is a Top Homeowner Insurance Claim – Always make sure whenever possible to replace rubber hoses with stainless steel ones to avoid leaks.
  3. Never Put Bricks In Toilet Tank – They can stop your toilet from working correctly also you should be careful with liquid drain cleaner. Often a plunger is a cheaper safer solution to your problems!
  4. Know Where Your Water Shutoff Is – In an emergency with water leaking everywhere you don’t want to have to look for your water shut off valve know where it is before hand.
  5. Check Drains for Clogs or Hair – Consider putting drain catches in your drains if you have lots of debris going down your drain.
  6. Don’t Flush Down Wipes – It’s never a good idea to flush down wipes even if they say its fine. The easier you can be on your plumbing the longer it will last.
  7. Toilet Handles are Easy Fixes – Always having trouble with your handle well a simple replace of the flap valve will fix that!
  8. Never Hang Things From Pipes – don’t have clothing or anything else from exposed pipes in your home this can degrade them overtime.
  9. Never Ignore Drips or Leaks – Drips or leaks over time can cause major problems from mold to erosion in the home. Make sure you are proactive and fix all leaks and drips as soon as you find them.
  10. Keep up With Maintenance – If you have any questions or concerns about your properties plumbing its always better to be proactive than wait for disaster to strike. Call us today at Spartan and let us come check out your properties plumbing and protect you for many years to come!

Don’t hesitate to contact Spartan today. If you or someone you know is dealing with plumbing problems in the greater Tucson area. Let one of our dedicated team members come out to your residence and handle all your problems for you! At Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we are dedicated to serving you with the highest quality service. Contact us at Spartan today and stop worrying about those plumbing, heating, and cooling problems now!

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