Tactics to Cut Down on Your Water Usage

Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

As states continue to struggle with problems associated with droughts, water usage has become very relevant to many people. While in some cases conserving water can be a hard thing to do, there are also many easy ways to cut a Tucson home’s water usage and lower the monthly water bill. Make sure you call a plumbing Tucson expert to inspect your home if you inspect a leak.Tucson, AZ Water-Usage-Services
If you’re in the market for a new washer, fix any leaks you may find, and jump in and out of the shower, you’ll start to notice some real savings in your water usage.

To find out about these and other tips, here are some ways common sense can result in lower water usage.

Be Careful When Washing

When it’s time to do laundry, there are several things to do that can save money. For starters, purchase a high-efficiency machine.

Not only is it made to use less water per load of clothes, but it can also handle larger loads as well, saving additional money along the way.

If for any reason you need to wash items before you have a full load, be sure to adjust the water settings on the machine accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll be filling the washer’s tub full when it may only need a small amount of water.

Bathroom Water Usage

If there is one place in your house that wastes gallon after gallon of water, it’s the bathroom. Many Tucson homes still have toilets in them that were made before 1993, which means they are very inefficient when it comes to saving water.

Pre-1993 toilets use almost four gallons of water per flush, while newer toilets use about 1.5 gallons per flush. Along with this, turning off the sink when it’s not needed can also save money.

However, when shaving or brushing their teeth, many people still let the water flow freely for several minutes. At an average of 3.5 gallons per minute, that can result in 25-30 gallons of water being wasted.

Showers and Leaks | Plumbing Tucson

Taking a shower instead of a bath can greatly reduce water usage. Showers use only one-third as much water as a bath, and installing a low-flow shower-head will also save about two gallons of water per minute.

For additional savings, limit showers to between 5-7 minutes. And while you’re having some plumbing work done, have a plumber check the shower and other areas of the home for leaks. By getting these water leaks repaired by a plumber like Spartan, you’ll also be guaranteed to save more money.

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Let’s Save Where We Can

What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

In various industries, energy conservation has become a very important topic. As natural resources become scarce, companies have made their products more efficient to benefit consumers. This has been the case with water heaters, which account for up to 20 percent of a Tucson home’s heating expenses per month.

Tucson, AZ water-heater-services

As a result, the United States Department of Energy recently implemented energy mandates known as Final Rule energy efficiency standards. These standards, commonly referred to as Energy Factor ratings, are important in that they measure how much energy water heaters use is converted to hot water. Several new regulations have gone into effect, and each has some very important implications.

Electric Water Heaters

While the majority of homes in the United States have electric water heaters, the EF requirements have been increased substantially in order to allow Tucson consumers to save as much money as possible on their monthly utility bills. For example, a 50 gallon tank that has a current EF standard of .90 will now have to increase that to .95, meaning 95 percent of the energy used by the heater must be converted to hot water. Also, larger electric water heaters, such as those with an 80 gallon capacity, will have their EF increase from .86 to 1.97.

Gas Water Heaters

Becoming more popular with consumers, gas water heaters will also be affected by the government’s increased EF standards. One of the biggest changes will take place with tank-free heaters, which will see their EF guidelines go from .62 to .82 in order to become much more efficient. However, in the process of doing so, their prices are also expected to increase by up to 30 percent, which may price many consumers out of purchasing them. However, with 41 percent of homes currently owning gas water heaters, the price impact is not expected to have dire consequences for consumers or manufacturers.

Installation Guidelines

Due to the higher EF ratings, many water heaters are having to be made slightly larger than before. Therefore, it may become harder to find models that will fit into existing spaces, creating unexpected expenses for consumers. If the heater needs to be relocated to another spot in the home, installation costs can be quite high. However, if the installation will be dependent upon a new space being built, the installation costs can quickly skyrocket. In these cases, contacting a plumber for assistance is a smart decision.

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Spa Your Sanctuary

5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

Tucson home remodeling and renovation projects are always exciting, especially when they are done to start off a new year. Bringing with them anticipation and joy, these projects can transform part of a home into something spectacular. This is the case with many of today’s bathrooms, which in recent years have become rooms of relaxation.

Now often viewed as retreats from the stresses of everyday living, bathrooms are undergoing innovative and unusual transformations. If you’re looking for some new ways to make your bathroom a stress-free zone, here are some of the most popular remodeling trends for 2016.

Tucson, AZ bathroom-remodeling-services

My Bathroom is Now a Spa

For people who don’t have the time to go to a spa on a regular basis, they have decided to create their own spa in the bathroom. More and more people are now making their bathrooms into spas by installing whirlpools, hot tubs, jet tubs, soaking tubs, and more to pamper themselves as much as possible. In addition to these items, some people are now even installing comfortable pieces of furniture such as chaise loungers and recliners to help them relax even more.

Artisan-Created Fixtures

While many people think of plumbing fixtures as dull and drab, that’s no longer the case today. People everywhere are now having elaborate and in some cases very expensive fixtures installed on their sinks and tubs, with some people spending up to $10,000 on these items alone.

As these fixtures become more common, they are expected to become even more elaborate. Stained glass, exotic rocks and gems, and even diamonds are now used to give these fixtures a unique and dazzling appearance. Along with the fixtures, many of today’s sinks are now also being constructed with artistic designs incorporated into their doors, sides, and countertops.

Heated Floors, Walls, and More

For Tucson people who hate stepping out of the shower or bathtub onto a cold floor, they can now eliminate this problem by having a customized heating unit installed underneath their bathroom floor. These electric units, which can be installed by a plumber, provide an instant way to keep the floor warm day and night.

Along with these heating units for the floor, many people are now also having them installed in their walls and sinks to add extra warmth. By doing so, this offers people the chance to pamper themselves a bit more while also having warm feet day and night.

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Maintain the Maintenance

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

When a Tucson person owns a home, one of the most important parts of that ownership is maintenance. While many aspects of it are relatively easy to learn, plumbing is an area that can be far more complicated. As a result, many people will tend to ignore their plumbing systems.

Tucson, AZ plumbing_services_360However, when they do, they often wind up with a variety of problems big and small. In most cases, the problems will require calling upon a plumber to repair. Most of the time, the problems result from various myths that people have about their home’s plumbing system. To see if you still have myths about your Tucson home’s plumbing, take a look at the ones discussed below.

Lemons are Good for the Garbage

While lemon rinds may make the garbage in a disposal smell better, they do little to actually get the disposal clean. That’s because the juice from the rinds is not strong enough to clean away bacteria and stubborn food particles on the blades.

To get the disposal as clean as possible, use a combination of warm water and soap. By spraying it into the disposal and waiting about 15 minutes, bacteria and food bits can be scraped off using a scrub brush.

No Soap for Fixtures

Another common plumbing myth is that hand soap makes a great cleaner for plumbing fixtures. However, it usually has the opposite effect. Instead of cleaning, the soap leaves the metal fixtures looking dirty and worn, especially those fixtures made of brass. To avoid this, use a household cleaner designed to clean brass and other metals.

Along with the fixtures, people often believe their pipes and drains need little if any maintenance. But just like anything else around the house, that’s not true. Pipes, drains, toilets, fixtures, and more should always be checked for leaks, cracks, or other damage. If anything is found, a plumber should be called to fix the problem.

Water Only Does So Much

For people who think running water down a drain will solve all plumbing problems, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise. No matter how much water goes down a drain, the grease or cooking oil poured down them will continue to form into numerous clogs.

And when it comes to garbage disposals, running water will do nothing to lessen the damage inflicted by such items as metal cans and banana peels on the disposal’s blades, gears, and motor.

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Top Maintenance Tips for Your Toilet

3 Challenges Of Using And Maintaining A Toilet

If someone is told that using a toilet is a challenge, then they are more than likely going to laugh. Many people know how to use a toilet, and many have learned this since they were small children.

Using the toilet may not be something that’s hard to do, but using a toilet can bring about challenges that make you have to maintain the toilet.

Toilets can be somewhat of an expensive fixture in any Tucson home, and they should be maintained to have longevity, similar to the sinks and bathtubs that are in a home. If a toilet is cared for properly, then it should last for many years.

Tucson, AZ Toilet Maintenance ServicesKeeping it clean

A toilet that’s regularly used will become dirty, and keeping it clean is one of the challenges that results from using the toilet. Keeping a toilet clean isn’t terribly difficult, especially if it’s cleaned at least once a week.

The longer you wait before you clean your toilet, the dirtier it will become and the more disgusting the job will become. Cleaning the toilet can be done by using a toilet bowl cleaner and some household chemicals.

Those who want a natural way of cleaning a toilet can use vinegar and baking soda, especially since it’s non-toxic. Those who have small children who may play in the toilet or a dog that drinks out of the toilet will want a non-toxic way to keep the toilet bowl clean.

Toilet Leaks can be an issue

A toilet can leak, and the leak may be difficult to discover. A leaking toilet can be discovered if you put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet’s tank, and wait to see if it the coloring comes out into the toilet bowl.

If food coloring is seen in the toilet bowl, then you have a leak, and you’ll have to get a plumber to fix the leak.

The toilet might get clogged

Another big issue that can occur with a toilet is when it clogs. Constant use of a toilet or flushing down things like hair or anything that’s not from human waste can clog the toilet, and this may require a Tucson plumber to come out and fix the problem.

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The Relationship Between Your Pets and Your Drains/Pipes

Pet Owners: 4 Plumbing Tips to Keep Drains & Pipes Clean

When a pet owner is scooping out a litter box or letting the dog get a drink of water from the toilet bowl, little do they think that these things could eventually lead to plumbing repairs that could be rather expensive.

Yet that’s what happens time and time again, with pet owners everywhere finding themselves amazed at what can happen to their Tucson drains and pipes. To make sure you don’t find yourself facing an unexpected plumbing repair, here are several tips that will hopefully keep your drains and pipes clean.

Tucson, AZ Drain Cleaning ServicesCover Those Pipes

In some homes, pipes are exposed and within reach of dogs who love to chew on them. As a result, the pipes are sometimes so badly damaged by the dogs that they need to be replaced. If that happens, be prepared to shell out plenty of dollars when you receive the repair bill.

Likewise, cats will always see an open drain line as an interesting place to explore, so in all likelihood a plumber will be called to rescue the cat from deep within the drain at some point. Rather than let this happen, have the plumber install drain covers to keep inquiring kitties out of trouble.

Bathing With a Strainer

When it’s time to give your pet a bath, be sure you have a drain strainer as part of your equipment. This will help to keep large amounts of pet hair and other items from finding their way into the drain and pipes, which can lead to extensive clogs and expensive repairs. For best results, use a drain strainer that is made specifically for giving baths to pets, since it will be sure to contain much more hair than an ordinary strainer might.

The Myth of Flushable Litter

While flushable litter sounds like a great idea, most plumbers agree it’s wishful thinking. In fact, most litter that bills itself as flushable is anything but that. Rather than flowing freely through pipes, it instead stays there and sets up like concrete.

As a result, major clogs develop that are difficult to remove. Instead of letting this happen, simply scoop out the box and put its contents into a trashcan. And by the way, don’t let the dog drink from the toilet on a regular basis. If you do, you’ll have clogged pipes in your Tucson home from the hair that accumulates in the toilet bowl.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Tucson, AZ home call Spartan Plumbing at (520) 623-6100 today!

What Different Colored Water Means

Why is Your Water Discolored?

Tap water in your Tucson home can sometimes become discolored or appear cloudy. In some cases, it may appear to have small particles in it. Old houses and houses that have been vacant for an extended period often have the problem of discolored water.

Tucson, AZ Water Filtration ServicesUsually, the color is not easy to see unless the water is collected in a toilet bowl or bathtub. Usually, the color will go away after the water has been running for a few minutes. There are a number of potential causes of water discoloration. The color of the water is often an indicator of the cause. Here are three of the most common causes of water discoloration.

1. Yellow and Red Water

The most common type of discoloration is yellow or red water caused by rust. The degree of oxidation determines the color. Rust in your water could originate from your municipal water supply, your pipes or the water heater of your Tucson home.

If the rust only shows up when using cold water, then the municipal water supply is the most probable cause. Other signs that this is the case include sudden discoloration or discoloration that appears at all faucets.

Rust from one faucet or that appears every morning may indicate that the problem is your plumbing. If this is the case, you will need to replace any rusted pipes. If your water heater is putting out yellow water, this may be due to the accumulation of sediments in the bottom of the tank or due to iron bacteria. Both issues may be solved by flushing the water heater tank.

Rust is not a threat to your health; however, it can stain clothes. Simply rewash your clothes when the water clears up. Avoid using bleach as this will make the stains permanent.

2. Blue or Blue-Green Water

Brass or copper plumbing may produce blue-green water. This type of discolored water can cause serious health issues, which means that the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Blue water in your faucets can also be caused by disinfectant in your toilet tank. Water from a leaking toilet tank may be mixing with your water supply.

3. Pink Water

A type of bacteria often found in well water causes this discoloration. It is not harmful and stains are easily cleaned.

If your water is discolored in your Tucson, AZ home, call Spartan Plumbing at (520) 623-6100 today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!

Be Ready for Thanksgiving!

Simple Ways To Avoid A Thanksgiving Nightmare

You know the feeling when everyone is done eating their Thanksgiving meal. They are full bloated, probably laying on the couch maybe falling asleep or trying to keep their eyes open to watch football. However, despite this scene, someone has to take responsibility to take care of the dishes and other tasks for cleaning up after the meal. That individual will surely want to know what they can do to prevent a disposal disaster in their home that could occur if they are not careful.

Tucson, AZ Garbage Disposal ServicesAlways Treat The Disposal With Respect

It is very tempting to just throw everything into the garbage disposal at once. Many want to do this because it seems like a quick way to get rid of all that food waste. However, this could be a grave mistake to make. The reason being because the disposal has certain limitations which cannot be breached. It is a mechanical tool that while very powerful, is not invincible.

The more that one stuffs into the disposal, the greater the chance that the disposal will face a failure and therefore not get the job done. Instead, all users should treat the disposal with respect for its limitations.

Running Water Helps Make Things Run Better

It is a simple truth that running water while using the disposal helps it to run more effectively. Many do not think of this and simply start using the disposal. What they are doing is cause the machinery to have to work harder to get the same job done. Just running a little water helps smooth things out and keeps the job running.

Cold water is preferably to hot water in these situations as it simply works better with the process than anything else.

Think Before You Dispose

The easiest thing that we can all do is think before we dispose of something. This means that we can just think about the impact that said item might have on the inner workings of a garbage disposal and therefore determine if this is an item that should go in the disposal or not. In some cases, the answer is no.

Always call a Tucson professional if the disposal has real problems. You don’t want to make the situation worse by trying to fix it yourself or make the situation worse and needing to have the disposal or pipes replaced.

Don’t get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Tucson, AZ home, call Spartan Plumbing today at (520) 623-6100.

Find Ways to Find Those Hidden Water Leaks

Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

For almost every homeowner, at some point they will have a water leak in their Tucson home. While some people may experience small leaks from faucets or shower heads, others may face large leaks coming from main water lines.

Tucson, AZ Water-Leak-Detection-ServicesWhatever the case may be, water leaks are problems that need to be fixed promptly to avoid wasting any more water.

In most cases a plumber should be contacted to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs, since many water leaks can be complex and require expert knowledge in making repairs.

When a leak is suspected, there are several ways to detect the source and the cause.

Water Meter Readings

If the water bill is much higher than normal, the first place to start is the water meter. The current reading should be noted, which should be followed by turning it off for about 30 minutes.

After that time, it should be turned back on and read again. If it has jumped despite being turned off, a water leak is present and it’s time to contact a plumber to find the leak and fix it quickly.

Cooling System Leaks

Many people who have HVAC systems for their heating and cooling needs often fail to think a water leak may be coming from this. However, it can be fairly common for these systems to develop leaks as they age. In most cases, the leak results from the refill valve breaking and allowing water to leak from the unit.

If water is found around the home’s furnace or dripping from ductwork, the unit’s humidifier is probably leaking. A plumber should be called to assess the leak and determine if repairs can be made or a new cooling system needs to be installed. If that is the case, expect to pay thousands of dollars.

Shower and Tub Leaks

Bathrooms are some of the most common places in a home for water leaks, and in many cases the leaks come from the shower and bathtub.

Leaks in your Tucson home can be determined in these cases by examining the shower head and tub fixtures after they have been used to see if they continue to drip.

If they are dripping continuously, they need to be examined by a plumber and repaired. Otherwise, the continual dripping may lead to as much as 1,000 gallons of water being wasted during the year, which will continue to produce higher water bills.

Are you submerged under water in your Tucson, AZ home? Call Spartan Plumbing at (520) 623-6100 today, and get your water leak repaired.

Top Prevention Tips for Burst Pipes


Pipes at home burst occasionally. The ruptures can result from poor maintenance, water properties or poor craftsmanship. If left undetected, the bursts may wreak havoc in your home. They may lead to degradation of the foundation of your Tucson home, rotting wood structures and increased water bills.

Costs of repairing the damage caused can be significant. All these after effects combined can make one suffer significant losses. To prevent this from happening, one can take the following precautions:

Tucson, AZ Plumber | Burst Pipe Prevention ServicesREGULAR MAINTENANCE

It is essential to contact a qualified plumber to check the piping system regularly to avoid bursts and leaks. The water pressure should be analyzed to ensure that pressure is at an optimum level.

High water pressure corrodes the inside of the pipes and creates stress that rupture the drains at their weak points mainly at the middle part or joints. The water and sewerage system should be checked for loose fittings and presence of rips to avoid subsequent leaks and bursts.


PH levels of water can influence the occurrence of bursts. High or low PH levels have corrosive effects on the inside of the pipes, mainly on metal pipes. The corrosion leads to pinhole leaks. If the corrosion prolongs for an extensive period, the drains get degraded drastically, and bursts spring up. These bursts that happen from high water pressure and corrosion are usually emergency situations. We provide 24 hour emergency plumbing services, call Spartan today!

The abnormal PH levels result in the use of commercial drain cleaners that unblock pipes or prevent clogs from forming. To get expert advice, ask an experienced plumber on how to use the clarifiers and to run a diagnosis on your water PH levels.

Bursts that will occur in the future sometimes result from poor plumbing techniques. Some of the poor techniques include rookie pipe fitting, poor choice of plumbing materials and bad piping system design. These factors combine to heighten the chance of your water supply system collapsing easily and being ineffective.

Consequently, causing frequent bursts when the system is under pressure or stressed. Therefore, during the installation of your water and sewerage system, ensure that an experienced and qualified plumber does the plumbing.

These precautionary measures help to ensure that your Tucson piping network is robust and functioning properly.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Spartan Plumbing at (520) 623-6100 for repairs in your Tucson, AZ home.