Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill in Tucson AZ

How to Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill During the Summer

Summer seasons allow us to roam outdoors for beach trips, barbecue with family and friends, and don those beautiful sundresses and shorts. Unfortunately, this year, you may be limited due to the pandemic forcing you to spend more time indoors.

Spending more time indoors during the hot afternoons and nights could prompt you to use your ac unit more often, which translates into increased energy bills.

So, what do you do to lower your air conditioning energy bills? We’ve compiled some insightful tips to help you out.

Clean or replace your AC filters

Your AC unit has an air filter that sieves dirt and other impurities from moving through the air vents into your home’s circulation. Failing to replace or clean your air filters eventually causes an accumulation of dirt in the vents that will force your air conditioner to work harder.

This translates into higher energy bills. Consider replacing your air filters after a few months and cleaning them regularly to prevent rising costs from running your unit.

Change your window treatments and/or windows

Your windows and window treatments could be the root source of all your problems. Consider changing your window systems to energy-efficient pieces that allow air circulation without turning on the air conditioner.

Also, be aware of poorly sealed windows that leak air, again forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. Energy-efficient windows and curtains will prevent cool air from sneaking out and allow cool air to flow into your home.

Install a programmable thermostat

Smart thermostats are devices used to cut energy usage by automatically reducing or increasing temperatures depending on your house’s atmosphere when you are asleep or away.

You don’t have to waste energy cooling your home because you left the furnace system on during the night. Nowadays, you can even set up your preferred room temperatures using an app away from your house.

Timely maintenance

We understand that it’s easy to overlook seasonal air conditioning tune-ups and preventative maintenance. It may not be known to a majority of homeowners, but professional AC service increases your chances of detecting problems early, timely AC repair, enhancing your unit’s lifespan, and mostly ensuring it is energy-efficient.

Your contractor should inspect your air conditioner, repair and replace things that are amiss, and ensure you are set for the summer. A properly functioning air conditioner should not create any energy problems.

Only cool rooms that are occupied

The air conditioner could be overworked from cooling all the rooms in your home, including those that are never in use. For instance, your guest room or storage room don’t require the services of an air conditioner.

You could block and shut off the registers from these unused rooms and only cool rooms that are occupied. You might be surprised at how economical this tip really is.

Avoid building up heat in your home during the day

Activities such as indoor cooking, bathing in hot water, boiling water, or using the clothes dryer may generate excess heat in your home.

By nightfall, you will have a lot of heat built up in your home, forcing the air conditioner to work harder and use more energy to bring down the temperature.

On hot days, avoid heat build-up by air-drying your clothes in the sun, cooking or grilling food outside, or you could cook indoors or run the clothes dryer at night when it is generally cooler anyway.

While it’s impossible to cut energy consumption to zero when using your air conditioner, these above-discussed tips will help you slash your costs.

Have you been looking for a professional contractor to help you with your air conditioning repair, service, installation, or maintenance? Reach us at Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to book an appointment. We are your friends in time of cooling needs.

Have a Sewer Line Problem or Issues? Our Experts Can Help

When you need to hire a plumber for sewer line problems, make sure you call a company that has proven themselves able to provide excellent customer service.

Make sure also, that they have experienced staff who will have your plumbing issues fixed and get your life back to normal again – FAST.

Sewer Line Problem

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

Check for the following: 

Inconsistent Toilet Bowl Water Level:

The toilet bowl is full of water one day; the next day, there is barely any water there. This is evidence that something might be blocking wastewater flow from your house to the city’s sanitary sewer and could lead to a backup, so you should act immediately.

Presence of Pests:

Rats and insects thrive in subterranean passages for two reasons: shelter and food. If these animals have the faintest smell of rotting food items, they will never stop coming – until you get the sewer problem fixed.

Soggy Yard:

Water pooling in your backyard tells you to check your sewer line. Tell the plumber the different locations where you saw puddles along the sewer line.

Slow Drains:

The buildup that naturally happens over time reduces the size of the drain, effectively impeding the progress of draining water.  Pouring table salt, baking soda, and vinegar down the drain would be the first step to unclog it, but if these remedies don’t work the next step is to inspect the sewer line.

How They Will Check the Exact Problem?

Two common methods for inspection are: 

Video Pipe Inspection:

This entails pushing a miniature camera through the sewer system. As the camera travels through the pipes, the footage is displayed on a monitor. The inspection is recorded in digital format.

This method is non-destructive, as the plumber need not resort to excavation to find the issue. The information gathered will be used to identify the best approach for repair and minimize required exaction should the plumber tell you there is a need to pull out a pipe.

Electronic Pipe Locating:

Using a pipe locator, the plumber can locate underground objects by scanning the area of interest. The radio waves from the device can penetrate the surface as deep as 50 inches, depending on the ground’s composition. The device will indicate if the pipe has been found by activating an audio signal.

What are the advantages of these approaches? Simply put, knowing what the issues are – before the actual repair – will save you time and money, and eliminate the guesswork that goes with the trial-and-error approach.

How to Choose a Plumbing Service

First, check with your friends if they know an excellent plumber close by. It would be someone they highly recommend.

Also, check the internet for services that are near your location – say, within 10 miles. You don’t need one that is located far away.

After this, you want to check their rating. Don’t settle for something less than 4.5. If they are really good, you will find many favourable reviews about them. This may override their distance if they cover your area, or a referral from a friend if no one you know nearby has had major issues with their plumbing.

Are they licensed and insured? If they are licensed, ask how long their license has been active. Has their license been suspended? To check this, go to the State Contractors Board. Check also with the BBB for customer complaints.

You should aim to get at least three estimates for big jobs and compare them side by side. This is not to say you should settle with the cheapest. Rather, it’s a way to see who will do the job for a fair price.

Spartan Plumbing, Inc.

One good choice for a plumber located in Tucson, AZ is Spartan Plumbing. We are plumbers who care about our craft and will give the effort required to solve your problem.

With our professionals, you can be certain we will not leave until the problem is completely fixed, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Why Use Natural Gas in My Home?

A lot of people only consider natural gas for heating their home, especially during the cold months when energy consumption is usually high. The truth is that there are numerous uses for natural gas – all year round – that will allow households to realize significant savings on power costs. Because the commodity is generally cheaper than electricity, it is a cost-effective alternative for a households’ energy requirements.

water heater installation in Tucson by Spartan PlumbingThe US Energy Information Administration reports that over 66 million households use natural gas for their daily energy needs.

Following are 5 of the ways that these residents use natural gas in powering their home.

Cooking with Natural Gas

Many avid cooks prefer natural gas-powered ovens over electric models. This is because natural gas units offer better temperature control that allows for precise cooking.

But, accuracy is not only the factor that makes natural gas stovetops the better option. They also consume considerably less energy compared to electric ovens.

This is because natural gas heats and cools faster. Plus, newer models that eliminate the ever-burning pilots also consume around 40% less natural gas.

Heating Water

Natural gas-using households usually have a water heater. A lot of people prefer natural gas water heaters because they are more economical. For one, the price of natural gas is much more affordable than electricity.

Thus, using natural gas for your energy-consuming devices will result in energy bill savings. Natural gas-powered water heaters have a capacity of 20 to 100 gallons, which is sufficient for most households.

In addition, natural gas heats water more quickly than electricity. This may allow you to install a unit with a smaller capacity.

Cooling Your Home

While natural gas is commonly used for heating homes, natural gas can also power your AC unit. The system may initially be more expensive, preventing a lot of households from shifting to using natural gas-powered air conditioners.

However, with the massive supply of natural gas and its much lower price, gas AC units are now gaining in popularity at a steady pace.

These air conditioning units typically run at a much lower cost compared to electric-powered ACs. They will ultimately pay for themselves with the energy savings you will enjoy.

Using natural gas cooling systems would likewise lower your reliance on the grid. In case of a power outage, you can still enjoy the convenience of a cool home.

Lighting a Fire

If you want to warm up with a nice fire, without the high cost, you don’t need to gather firewood, deal with sparks, or clean out the ashes later. Instead, you can use a natural gas fireplace that is efficient and comes with none of the hassle that comes with a wood-burning furnace.

You can simply switch off the fire if you need to leave and re-light the fire when you come back. Just turn the switch on, and you can enjoy the warmth right away.

If renovating your existing fireplace to make room for a natural gas model isn’t an option, you could choose instead to buy a gas insert. You can put it in an old-style fireplace to improve efficiency while optimizing the benefits you get from using natural gas.

Drying Your Clothes

Clothes dryers powered by natural gas can save you as much as 50% in energy consumption. The units are efficient enough to allow you to finish two laundry loads for the cost of a single laundry load in an electric model. You can also finish doing your laundry faster.

Natural gas-powered dryers use a larger amount of absorbent, dry air that goes through your clothes, drying them at a much faster pace. You also have automatic shut-off and lifetime burner options, making a natural gas dryer the perfect option if you have a busy household.

There are many uses of natural gas in your home, aside from heating. If you need one installed in your home, or if you have other plumbing concerns, call Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.

A Guide to Fix Leaky Water Heaters

Leaky Water Heater Guide to Finding the Leak

A hot water heater is essential to your home. It makes water hot for washing hands, washing dishes, and taking showers. However, sometimes these appliances develop leaks and it’s important for you to know how to deal with this when it happens.

If you notice a leak, it’s important to look for the cause. There are rare instances in which it could be something else causing the leak and knowing what you’re looking for can help you save money.


Condensation is a common cause of excess water in basements. You can test if this is the source of your water problem by wiping the surface of the appliance with a paper towel or your hand to see if there is water present on the outside of the appliance. If so, you may be able to fix the issue by simply putting a dehumidifier near the appliance, slightly changing the temperature it is set at, or insulating it.

Leaking Pipes

Check for leaks under the joints in the piping. Leave something to see if water catches in it under a joint. If so, you need to call a plumber at Spartan Plumbing to handle the leaky pipe.

Appliance Leaks

A leak may be coming from another close by appliance. This could be caused by water running towards your heater. If this is the case, you can fix the issue with that appliance or call a plumber to check it for you.

How to Repair the Leak

If you determine that the hot water heater has a leak, you’ll need to make sure it is repaired. This water heater repair can be done by Spartan Plumbing or you can do it yourself if you have the experience. Make sure you follow the best safety steps first though.

Turn Off Power

The first step is to turn the power to the appliance off. Switch the electrical breaker for the water heater and/or turn the gas valve off. This will prevent electrocution and other more costly problems.

Turn Off Water

Make sure you turn off the water that goes to the heater as well. Pull the shut-off switch near the heater. If you cannot access this or you aren’t certain where it is, you can turn off the main water switch.

Leaks from the Top of the Appliance

Loose Piping

If you have loose piping, there may be water on top of the appliance. This likely indicates that the fittings need to be tightened where they connect to the appliance. If there is corrosion, it will need to be replaced.

T&P Valve Problems

If your T&P valve is leaking, there will be water on the side of your appliance. The water will need to be drained from the valve. From there, investigate the locks and fittings to ensure there is no corrosion.

Leaks Coming from the Bottom of the Appliance

Drain Valve Leak

The drain valve is supposed to be watertight. If it is not, it may need to be replaced.


If there is damage to the tank itself, there will be a large leak. This is one of the most common problems for this type of appliance. In this case, the entire tank will probably need to be replaced.

T&P Discharge Pipe

The T&P valve pulls hot water and pressure from the tank. The discharge pipe is what actually removes it. If this becomes damaged, it will need to be replaced, and the valve may need to be replaced as well.

Water Heater Repairs Services in Tuscon, TX

Yearly Maintenance Tips


You can inspect your appliance every 60 days by looking at the pipes and listening for unusual noises. Make sure everything is working properly, including the valve system. After your appliance is at least three years old, you or a professional should inspect the anode rod every year and look for chipping.


Your appliance should be flushed every six months. Check the flushed water for sediment. Continue flushing the tank until you notice no more sediment.

If you notice a problem with a leak in any of your appliances, it is best to call a plumbing expert, like Spartan Plumbing. They can located the source of the problem quickly and also address the problem right away. Call today for a consultation.

Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

What are Some of the Reasons a Toilet Gets Clogged

Clogged toilets can result in expensive plumbing repairs. Because of this, it’s important to avoid flushing certain items down the toilet. People should also perform routine maintenance on a toilet to prevent malfunction. Learn more about issues which may cause problems with your toilet and discover how you can avoid an expensive plumbing repair.

Toilet Base Leaking

Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products are one of the worst items to flush down the toilet. Women should avoid flushing sanitary pads and tampons. Tampons soak up the moisture and inflate in the trap, creating a blockage. Sanitary pads are too large to fit through the trap. The best way to fix this type of toilet clog is to snake the drain. Call Spartan Plumbing at your earliest convenience if you are unable to operate a snake on your own.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of the most common reasons for a clogged toilet. Flushing too much toilet paper can prevent the material from passing through the trap. Plumbers recommend flushing the waste before the toilet paper. People should also fold the toilet paper instead of rolling it in a ball. Tissue paper rolled in a ball is often too large to fit through the trap. Many people use a plunger to fix this type of clog. Snake the drain if plunging does not work or research plumbing contractors to find professionals in your area.

Random Objects

People flush random objects down the toilet more often than you think. It’s common for people to accidentally flush objects down the toilet such as toys or jewelry, either because they don’t notice they have fallen in or because children will be children. Avoid placing objects on top of your toilets such as a toothbrush or razor. Some items might appear to flush down the toilet, but these objects often get stuck in the pipe, just out of sight, causing a clog. The best way to prevent this type of clog is to remove the object before the toilet is flushed. These types of clogs require a snake to resolve the problem.

Damaged and Old Pipes

Damaged or old pipes might be the cause of recurrent toilet clogs. Cracked or broken pipes require repair or replacement. There are a variety of things that cause a broken pipe such as wear and tear, heavy use, and severe temperature changes. Damaged pipes can decrease the flow of the drain and cause clogs. A plunger or snake is a temporary fix for the problem but the pipes need to be examined and repaired by a plumber. Broken pipes escalate into larger problems when the issue is not resolved quickly.

Unproductive Flapper

A flapper is a round gasket made of rubber that sits at the bottom of the toilet. The gasket is opened after the toilet is flushed and water enters the tank. A clog can occur if the flapper does not fully open, and waste is not pushed down the drain. If this happens, you can open the back of the toilet lid and shorten the chain link on the flush arm. The replacement of the flapper and flush arm is normal maintenance for toilets. The parts are inexpensive and easy to install.

Clogged Toilet Vent

Many toilet vents are installed on the roof. This allows the plumbing system to be filled with fresh air and replaces the vacuum of air after the water is drained. Toilets can become clogged when debris becomes stuck in the vent. Contact a plumber to remove the debris from the vent. An attempt to fix the problem on your own could result in injury or escalate into a more severe problem.

Clogged toilets require immediate attention to prevent the issue from escalating into a major problem. Many toilets can be unclogged with a plunger or snake but broken pipes and clogged toilet vents should be repaired by a plumber. Contact Spartan Plumbing today to resolve your plumbing issues.

The True Cost of Plumbing Leaks

What is the True Cost of a Leaking Pipe in Your Home?

If you have been ignoring small leaks in any part of your plumbing system, you should go back and fix them now. Untreated plumbing issues could lead to more costly repairs later on, which may be even more expensive than the increase in your water bill.

Tucson Slab Leaks

Minor Plumbing Leaks Cost

It’s not just the big leaks you have to worry about. Even seemingly small leaks can lead to an incredible increase in your water bill.

Faucet leaks bother most people, and for good reason. The sound of dripping water is a warning that you’re wasting water and money. You probably had no idea that a drip of water per second can mean you’re paying for 9 extra gallons of water a day.

The American Water Works Association states that toilets consume 45% of the water in an ordinary household. A faulty flush valve or tank stopper causes most cases of running toilets. In this situation, the water will flow from the tank to the toilet continuously. Properly adjusting the ballcock (the round floating device that tells your toilet tank that it is full) is an easy fix in most cases of toilet leaks. A running toilet can cost you about 1 gallon per hour and up to 26 gallons a day.

Tiny pinholes in your water heater are another cause of small leaks. However, aside from the leaks they cause, it can mean you need to pay for repairs or possibly even replace a damaged water heater, as well as causing a surge in your water bill.

Copper is a durable pipe material. However, problems may occur when the velocity of water goes above 8 feet per second for cold water and 5 feet per second for warm water. Another cause of issues with copper pipes is improper pipe fitting. Fixing any of these issues early on may mean you can avoid more costly repairs later.

Major Leaks Cost

The leaks hidden beneath a wall or underground are the most serious leaks that often go unnoticed. They can either be broken or cracked. The pipes corrode or react from oxidation. Other compounds should not remain on any part of it.

Common causes also include high chlorine levels in the water, corroded rusts from the water heater, or high pH levels in the water.

These leaks can lead to repair costs for your roof, ceiling, basement, drywall, floors, and bathroom apart from the plumbing repairs.

Too much? Yes. Let’s break that down.

Shower leaks are unnoticeable. The water goes up in heightened pressure. You can lose about 10 drips per minute or 1.4 gallons of water a day from shower leaks alone. That’s a small amount.

Water quality issues damage fixtures like showers or sink taps. Replacing fixtures can cost you from $150 to $350 depending on the materials used.

But when shower leaks come with bathtub leaks leaving cracked and molded grout and caulk, you should be alarmed. It can develop mold. Mold and splashed water go into the cracks in between tiles. Mold that damages your walls may require a full renovation. It can damage dry wall from the other side and the wood behind it. You may need to get your bathroom remodeled.

Let’s get down to your drainage. Drain leaks lead to more repairs. The cracked or broken pipes in your drainage can rot your ceilings underneath the floors. It can wet, rot, and soften the wooden joists and dry wall that is attached to it.

You will have to replace your ceiling with drywall. Drywall costs $400 for a hundred square feet. A repair in the subfloor will ask you to pay around $45 per hour of labor. The joist can cost from $100 to $300 per piece.

If the bathroom flood has reached the walls, you may have to replace your walls as well.

Those repair estimates do not even include your plumbing repair costs which will vary depending on the work that is needed to be completed. Spartan Plumbing can help you deal with all plumbing leaks leaks, minor to major leaks.

Why Refrigerant Leaks Are Dangerous and Should Be Prevented

Refrigerant leaks in air conditioning units may not seem like an everyday problem but they can happen when you least expect it. Unfortunately, this type of problem can be dangerous, which is why it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. If you’re worried about an AC refrigerant leak in your own home, take a look at the information we’ve shared below. At Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, it’s our priority to help our customers in the most comprehensive manner possible. We hope this information can give you insight into how refrigerant works and why it’s so important to repair leaks as soon as possible.

air conditioning repair after leaking freon

How Can You Spot Freon Leaks?

Freon is a type of refrigerant that is used to cool the air that comes out of your air conditioning unit. While it’s no longer used in HVAC systems that are manufactured today, it is commonly found in those that were produced before 2003. If you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t pushing cold air out like it used to, this could mean there’s a freon leak in your system. Some other signs that there may be a leak include:

– AC is blowing warm air
– Ice has built up on coils
– The AC must run longer to cool your house down
– Your electric bills are much higher
– AC is making a hissing noise when turned on

Common Causes of Freon Refrigerant Leaks?

Over time, acids inside of an HVAC system can cause the copper to erode. Once this happens, small holes will appear and allow the freon to escape. Refrigerant can also leak when joints begin to break down over time from regular use of the unit. Unfortunately, both of these issues are the result of regular wear and tear, which is unavoidable as you use AC to keep your home cool throughout the year.

How to Prevent AC Refrigerant Leaks?

At Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we recommend having regular HVAC maintenance done so you can pinpoint any problems that are present as soon as possible. This is true no matter how old your unit is, since preventative maintenance can help make your unit last longer. If you have an older unit, maintenance is especially important as wear and tear will become more of an issue. However, keep in mind that leaks can happen even with proper care, particularly in units that are over 10 years old and run throughout the year.

Why R22 Freon is Being Phased Out?

The use of refrigerant has changed over the years, especially as more research is done regarding the impact this gas can have on the environment. The biggest changes began in 2003, when the most common type of refrigerant, R22, began being phased out. At this point, new air conditioning systems were being built with alternative refrigerants, which have less of a negative impact on the environment. Seven years later, in 2010, R22 was prohibited from being sold unless it was used to service existing equipment.

As of January 2020, R22 has been eliminated completely, although the recycled version of it can be lawfully used to service air conditioning units that still need it to run. This can only be purchased by certified HVAC technicians and the price can be steep because of the minimal supply. This leaves most homeowners with the decision of whether they should purchase a new unit or continue to pay for R22 until their HVAC system wears out. In most cases, the best option is to invest in a new unit that uses a more affordable refrigerant that’s easy to find and better for the environment.

Why Call Spartan Plumbing if your AC System is Leaking Freon?

Freon is a toxic substance that should only be handled by a certified HVAC technician. It is highly poisonous, even in small amounts. Inhaling or handling this substance can result in extreme sickness and even death, so we urge homeowners never to deal with this on their own. Freon is also unsafe for the environment, which increases the danger for anyone handling it without experience. Never touch freon, even if you feel you have the proper safety equipment. Always play it safe by contacting a technician immediately.

If you suspect you have a leak, call our certified and experienced technicians at Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We understand the dangers of freon and can determine whether or not your unit has a leak. Our technicians will give you honest advice about the best solution, whether it’s adding more freon or installing a new unit. We strive to help our customers find an affordable solution that will also improve the efficiency of their homes to help lower cooling bills.

We have extensive experience helping our customers with air conditioning repair from freon leaks, so you can take comfort that our experts will use all safety precautions as they work. With their help, you can have cool air in your home without the risk of freon being released into the environment. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our office. We will be glad to visit your home for a free estimate or give you advice over the phone. As a part of the community for over 30 years, we want to do what’s right for our locals.

5 Things You Should Not Put in Your Drains

Things You Should Not Put in Your Drains

A lot of households take their drains for granted, putting a lot of stuff down the drains and expecting that everything will be washed away hassle-free. But, keep in mind that there are some things that you should never put into your drains. There are substances and items that can create considerable blockages and lead to serious problems in the future if ignored.

Complicating matters is the fact that plumbing systems are kept hidden from view, usually behind walls or under the floors. Leaks or blockages often go unnoticed until significant damage has already been done. Because of your plumbing system’s complexity, it will require the trained eye of a plumbing expert like those at Spartan Plumbing to spot and address minor issues that can, in time, turn into major concerns.

Clogged Drain Pipe

However, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent blockages. This includes being mindful of the items you put down the drain. Having said that,

here are some things you should refrain from putting into your drains:

Fats, Oils, and Grease –

Collectively known as FOG, fats, oil, and grease should never be put into a kitchen (or bathroom) sink. For one, these substances tend to coat the pipes, as well as create sludge. Once these liquids cool down, they turn into solids. Over time, FOG will gradually build up until such a time when they can clog the pipe. The sludge is a big concern since it can catch other things that pass through it as well.

Flushable Wipes –

While wipes are often billed as “flushable”, they can still block your drains. Wet wipes, for one, don’t easily break down like ordinary toilet paper. The only things, in fact, that you should flush down your toilet are waste and toilet paper. Wet wipes and other materials that are flushed down your pipe, can cause a toilet clog that would require servicing.

Coffee Grounds –

You may think that coffee grounds are harmless because of their diminutive size. However, they are not! They can remain in your pipes, and if you keep up the habit of throwing coffee grounds into the drain, the build-up may become significant enough to cause a blockage in your pipes.

Egg shells –

A lot of homeowners just throw eggshells into the garbage disposal system. They don’t realize that even small eggshell bits can get stuck in slime and grease, creating a thicker substance. This can then clog your pipes even more easily. In addition, the eggshells’ membrane layer can potentially wrap around the garbage disposal unit’s shredder ring. This can cause expensive damage to your system.

Hair, Dental Floss, and other Stringy Objects –

Stringy stuff like hair and floss do not easily flush down your toilet. Once they are flushed, it is highly possible that they will keep on swirling around, increasing the likelihood of coming into contact with the dreaded FOG, as well as other kinds of clumps and knots.

What to Do in Case of a Clog

Unless you can easily solve the clog with a plunger, never attempt to address the problem yourself. As previously mentioned, a plumbing system is complex. Also, a lot of plumbing tools that are readily available in your local supplies store are not always effective solutions.

It is also worth noting that, when you are trying to address a clog, you should never use a chemical drain cleaner. This is because they contain corrosive chemicals that can corrode your pipes and cause leaks.

Call Spartan Plumbing for Help

When experiencing a clog, don’t think twice about contacting a professional. Spartan Plumbing provides complete drain cleaning services to effectively address clogs and other plumbing problems you may have – 24/7 – any time of the day or night.

Call us now to know more about how we can help. Spartan Plumbing has been getting the job done in Tucson since 1987!

The Potential Problems with DIY Drain Cleaning

The Potential Problems with DIY Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains maybe just an ordinary household issue, but they could easily turn into a more serious problem if not resolved the right way. Some of the common effects of clogged drains include slow drainage, foul odor, and bad water taste. These issues may seem simple and you may try to fix them using DIY drain cleaning solutions. What you may not realize is that this could be causing more damage than good in the long run.

Clogged Drain Pipe

Why Exactly is DIY Drain Cleaning Not a Good Idea?

1. It can be dangerous for people in the home.

The chemicals used in drain cleaning products are strong and toxic. It may cause harm to the body if it comes in contact with skin or is inhaled. It may also cause damage to your pipes. It is not recommended to use these strong chemicals.

Aside from the toxic chemicals, other DIY methods can also be dangerous to household owners. First, a lot of people try to stick their hands down a drain initially to try to pull out whatever may be blocking it. This method could end up leaving your hand stuck in the drain or worse, cut by sharp edges in the pipe itself. Removing your hand from the drain may be time-consuming, painful, and even costly.

Another DIY method is pouring boiling water down the drain. As simple as it seems, it’s common for people to accidentally spill or splash boiling water on themselves when they attempt this. In order to avoid these issues and ensure that the drain is unclogged for good, it is best to let those who are trained and experienced to do the repair.

2. It can cause damage to pipes.

Drain cleaning products can cause serious damage to pipes in the long run. The chemicals in these products are strong enough to gradually eat through PVC or metal pipes. The corrosive acid content starts dissolving the joints and gradually affects longer sections of pipe as well.

3. It is only a temporary solution.

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning methods are often ineffective in the long run. They only provide a temporary solution to clogged drains. What they do is clear out the blockage in the drain just enough for the water to flow again. Once the blockage begins to rebuild, the drain gets clogged again resulting in a vicious cycle.

Spartan Plumbing provides drain cleaning services that ensures quality and a long-lasting fix.

4. It does not identify the real problem.

The best way to provide an effective and permanent solution is by diagnosing the real cause of the problem. Do-it-yourself drain cleaning only provides a temporary remedy for clogged drains. Yet, without the right tools and adequate training, identifying the cause may be nearly impossible. After all, even though the blockage appears to be simple, it may indicate that there are other, underlying problems going on in the pipe.

At Spartan Plumbing, they start by listening to the customers’ needs and concerns. Then, they check the area and utilize special techniques to detect the real culprit. With their experience in plumbing, they can easily identify the cause and provide solutions that last.

5. It is time-consuming.

Some clogged drains require certain equipment and techniques. Doing it yourself, without proper tools and knowledge, could take hours. Professional plumbing technicians can solve these issues within minutes by utilizing a water jetting technique which they have been trained for at Spartan Plumbing.

All the problems of DIY drain cleaning explained above can be avoided by seeking the service of the professionals who have the proper equipment, undergo specialized training, and possess years of experience. Spartan Plumbing, Inc. is an expert in this industry, with more than three decades of experience. They cater to the plumbing repair needs of the residents of Tucson at a reasonable and fair price. They ensure drains are cleared faster and stay clean longer.

Keeping Our Customers Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Keeping Our Customers & Employees Safe During Coronavirus

Thanks for considering our team at Spartan Plumbing to take care of your plumbing and HVAC needs. With the introduction of the coronavirus into our everyday lives, we would like to take a moment to elaborate on how we are dealing with it. The safety of our technicians and customers is our first priority, so you can feel confident calling our team for help. Plumbers are considered an essential business to help keep the community and public safe. The information below should answer many of your questions, although you can always contact our office for any additional information you may need.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a disease that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) warns can cause respiratory illness. It is spread from person to person and is highly contagious. If contracted, this disease can cause fever, nausea, headache, GI issues, coughing, and difficulty breathing. The severity of symptoms varies based on age and health, with elderly and immunocompromised populations being the most at risk.

How is it Being Spread?

When an individual who is infected with coronavirus coughs or sneezes, microscopic droplets in their saliva can contaminate the air and surfaces nearby. Any droplets on their hands can also transfer onto surfaces and spread to others. For this reason, healthcare experts recommend washing your hands frequently with soap and water. They also warn against touching your face, especially if you’ve been in a public place.

For individuals who know they are infected, it has been recommended that they be quarantined away from other people in an effort to avoid spreading the disease. To help further prevent the spread, most states and countries have now closed many businesses while urging households to stay home unless they work in “essential” industries.

Why is Social/Physical Distancing Important?

Experts recommend practicing distancing by staying at least 6-feet away from other individuals when you must go out in public places. This can help lessen the spread of the disease and minimize the number of people infected overall. It’s also important to avoid shaking hands, hugging, or otherwise touching others. Although extreme, doing this can save lives by minimizing the number of individuals who are impacted by this disease.

What are we Doing to Keep Our Customers and Employees Safe?

We are doing our part to keep the community safe during this crisis. Spartan Plumbing is taking precautions to help protect our customers and our team. On most calls, our plumbing and air conditioning technicians are wearing gloves, and in many cases our team is even wearing masks. On our calls we are practicing social distancing and maintaining a distance from each other and customers as much as possible. We understand that our customers in Tucson, AZ are still in need of quality plumbing and HVAC services. That’s why we have enhanced our already rigorous safety standards and are regularly monitoring CDC recommendations for other protocols we may need to implement.

Taking extra precautions to enhance the safety of our technicians and our customers is something we are glad to do. We hope that this gives you peace of mind when you call us for any HVAC or plumbing services you might need at the moment. This is especially true for those who are dealing with emergencies, which often cannot wait. Since there are many choices in the Tucson area, we take it seriously that you choose us to come into your home. We are here for routine work as well as emergencies, so contact us at any time to learn how we can help you.

Why Choose Spartan Plumbing?

  • We’re here for you 24/7
  • We care about your health and safety
  • We have been serving Tucson since 1987
  • We are honest
  • We work quickly without compromising quality
  • Our team is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to solving your problem
  • Our community has trusted us for years
  • You can contact us for a free estimate
  • Our technicians have been specially trained to improve cleanliness standards

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