Do You Think You May Need a New Air Conditioner?

Your home’s air conditioning system plays an important role in keeping indoor spaces comfortable throughout the year by maintaining optimum temperature and humidity levels.

If your home’s AC fails on you unexpectedly, you will be stuck with an uncomfortable house, characterized by uncomfortably high or low indoor temperatures, in addition to the unanticipated cost of installing a replacement unit or conducting expensive emergency repairs.

HVAC systems are designed with high quality components to ensure that they serve home owners diligently over an extended period of time, with minimal maintenance and repairs. However, they do not last forever; by identifying the signs that your AC system is ready for replacement you will be able to prepare accordingly, and with it, avoid suffering the negative effects of a serious break down.

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Here’s a list of the clear signs that your AC system is ready for replacement.

Rising Electricity Bill

As AC systems near the end of their lifecycle, they become inefficient in their operation. To make up for the losses in inefficiency, the system will need to work harder, consuming more electricity as a result.

If you have noticed a consistent and significant, but unexplained, increase in your home’s electricity bill, it’s likely that your inefficient AC is to blame. Replacing the current system with a new and efficient system will definitely combat the costly increase in your monthly power bill.

Uncomfortably Warm Home

As previously stated earlier, the air conditioning system in your home is designed to keep indoor temperatures as comfortable as possible.

If your system consistently fails to reach the set thermostat temperature, then it’s time to consider getting a replacement. Furthermore, if you find that some rooms in your house are too cold while some are too hot, then you would be correct in assuming that the system is dangerously close to the end of its useful life date. This could also be from poor duct installation or a leak in the duct system.

Regular and Frequent Repairs

Air Conditioning Fan Belt ReplacementIf your air conditioning system always seems to break down, over and over, when you need it most, especially during those unending hot summer days, then it might be in need of replacement.

Although air conditioners require routine maintenance from time to time to maintain optimal performance, regular repairs within a short period of time may signal the inevitable approach to the end of their useful life. You should have your air conditioner checked every other year if not every year. This can help catch potential major problems and even prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

Old Age of Your Unit

Even the best air conditioning systems eventually reach the end of their useful life. AC systems are usually designed to last for about 10-12 years. Over this period, the systems experience dust and allergen build-ups in addition to regular wear and tear to the moving parts. Their continued use can not only result in the circulation of poor indoor air quality, but can also result in a major breakdown, like the compressor going out. You can avoid this and the risk of living in a home without air conditioning after a serious breakdown by getting a timely replacement. A newer AC unit will also be more energy efficient which can aid in the reduction of your electric bill each month.

If you notice any combination of the above mentioned signs that your AC is need of replacing, then be sure to start your search for a worthy, if not better, replacement by consulting a qualified HVAC installation company in Arizona like Spartan Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We have been serving all of Tucson for over 30 years. Spartan is the right company for the job and we will tell you honestly if your air conditioner can be fixed or if you will need to get a new unit.